Genesis films is a new production services company in Iceland. Composed of a very   experienced and multitasking team. We have worked in most departments that compose a film set for 20 years now. That is why we understand that every role has its importance, and that we are all there to get those shots done. Every project, every set up is different and has its own challenges that we overcome on each shoot.

Meet the Team:


Omar Jabali


French speaking, former mountain guide. Prior to starting Genesis, Ómar worked for over 20 years in the industry starting at the age of 17, he then moved to  the camera department and then to production.

Ómar has worked with some of the world‘s leading production companies and brands,

on commercials, feature films, TV programs and photo shoots...

The Team

The Best in the Business




Gunnar has an broad experience in the advertising and movie business as a location scout and location manager, he knows Iceland like the back of his hands. He has worked on many of the biggest productions that have been in Iceland the last 10 years.Speaks Danish, Swedish and Norvegian .



Based in Reykjavík Carolina Salas is an independent filmmaker with background studies in film and the creative arts. She currently works as a UPM for film, TV, documentaries and commercials as well as for film festivals.And.. speaker fo French, Spanish,  Italian..and many others.

Ágúst Ævar Guðbjörnsson

Business Development,Web designer

Graphic Designer, Web developer, camera operator, post production supervisor among others...Ágúst started in the Advertisement industry in Iceland and has worked with the leading brands in Iceland.

                         Here is a quick list of brands, people and companies  that we have worked with over the years before starting Genesis:


                                  Peugeot        Renault          Nissan            Toyota            Suzuki              Hyundai.         Canal +

                                                Bandit.          Caviar           Iconoclast               LA PAC.        Nintendo.        STIHL 

                                              Expedition Unknown                TFC Film corp Japan                  Partizan Paris  


                                                     Nirvana Films                     Vendome production                   Wild Bunch